Why decrease emissions?

Car engines produce emissions which contain unburnt hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone and oxides of nitrogen. These emissions are affect air quality and contribute to global warming. The negative impacts of global warming include melting polar icecaps, increasing sea levels, a higher frequency of storm events, drought, crop loss and an increase in disease, all of which will impact humans’ existence.

Car exhaust emissions also affect air quality, especially in areas with a high population density. Despite what you believe about global warming, it’s safe to say that pollution from vehicle exhausts is not beneficial to anyone.

As drivers of vehicles, there are also some steps we can take so that our driving doesn’t create excessive emissions. These usually have the added bonus of reducing petrol consumption and saving you money, so it's a win-win!

Browse through the Green Stamp Plus website to see how you can reduce your vehicle emissions, including businesses that adhere to environmental standards, ways to reduce your petrol consumption, and buying a new, environmentally-positive car. For more information or to get your questions answered, contact MTA NSW today.