Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Stamp Plus?

The Green Stamp Plus Program is an environmental initiative developed by the various national Motor Trade Associations, including the VACC/TACC, as well as the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. The program assists businesses in the automotive trades to incorporate processes and practices that allow for them to avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of their wastes. The program essentially aims to assist businesses in the industry become resource efficient and more environmentally aware, whilst also giving them advice on their responsibilities when it comes to legal compliance. The program focuses on several key areas considered essential in improving environmental management within the industry. These areas include storage practices, wastewater disposal, spill management, waste disposal, air quality and energy consumption. Depending on how businesses manage these key environmental areas will determine if they are awarded Green Stamp Plus Accreditation or not.

How do I achieve Green Stamp Plus Accreditation?

Businesses have the opportunity to become Green Stamp Plus Accredited if they believe that they have reached legal compliance and implemented environmental initiatives within their business. Level 1 is the first level which members must achieve in the Green Stamp Plus Program. This level focuses on the businesses legal environmental compliance i.e. their compliance with environmental laws and regulations. However, those members that only reach Level 1 – Compliance, are not eligible to receive Accreditation, as this can only be granted once Level 2 – Beyond Compliance or Level 3 – Best Practice, has been achieved. To know if your business will reach accreditation it is helpful to complete an environmental audit of the business beforehand.

How can I complete an environmental audit?

If you believe that you should have an environmental audit undertaken at your workplace before you apply for Green Stamp Plus Accreditation then it is best to do so, as achieving Accreditation is only given to businesses who go above and beyond legal compliance. There are two ways to complete an environmental audit. The first option is to review the Green Stamp Plus criteria in the Accreditation booklet. Reading through this criterion will allow you to gauge whether your business is legally compliant with environmental laws, and more importantly environmentally friendly. The second option is to contact your States Motor Trade Association. The Environmental Advisor/Co-ordinator there will be able to conduct an environmental audit of your business, providing you with information and tips for improvements. After this audit is complete they will be able to let you know if you are ready for Green Stamp Plus Accreditation, and will be able to provide you with assistance in meeting the accreditation criteria.

Where can I get information to help me meet compliance?

Your State Motor Trade Association will be able to give you comprehensive advice on environmental compliance and how you can meet this; it is worth giving them a call. It is important to be aware of legal compliance, as noncompliance with laws and regulations can result in prosecution from the State Environment Protection Authorities. Having a read of the criteria in the Green Stamp Plus Accreditation will also give you information on your legal responsibilities. However, if you would like to know more about environmental compliance you may want to visit your States Environment Protection Authority, as these Government departments specialise in compliance and how you can achieve this in your business.

How would I benefit from achieving Green Stamp Plus Accreditation?

There are many benefits to gain from achieving Green Stamp Plus Accreditation. The most important benefit of the Green Stamp Plus Program is that your business will be minimising its impact on the environment, by decreasing its ecological footprint. Becoming more resource efficient and environmentally friendly can also save your business money. By using fewer resources (water, energy) and reusing products (paper, cardboard), businesses will notice that there are also financial incentives for being environmentally friendly.

Installing new sustainable technologies has also proven to benefit the bottom line in the long run.

On top of these benefits Green Stamp Plus Accreditation is also an excellent marketing tool, as businesses are able to show their customers that they are environmentally conscience and aware. Many consumers are aware of the automobile industries environmental impacts and are interested in finding businesses that minimise these impacts. You might also find that Green Stamp Plus makes your business more efficient, increases staff morale and creates a better working environment.

How many businesses have achieved Green Stamp Plus Accreditation in Australia?

Given that Green Stamp Plus Accreditation is available in all States and Territories apart from the Northern Territory, there have been many automobile businesses that have achieved Accreditation. These businesses range from mechanical repairers and automotive dealerships to body repairers and automotive parts recyclers. As the program is available to MTA and VACC/TACC members, it is possible to give a wide range of motor trade businesses Accreditation.

Who do I contact to get apply for Green Stamp Plus Accreditation?

If your business would like more information or to achieve Green Stamp Plus Accreditation, contact MTA NSW.

Where do I go to find further information on Green Stamp Plus?

For information on making your business more environmentally friendly, head over to our Industry page.

For more information about Green Stamp Plus and MTA NSW, head to our About page.

For advice or to get a Green Stamp Plus accreditation, contact MTA NSW.

For more resources and information, head over to the main Green Stamp Plus website, or contact MTA NSW.


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