Green Stamp and MTA NSW

Green Stamp is an environmental program that is run in each state and territory of Australia through Motor Trade Associations. Green Stamp aims to ensure that businesses in the automotive industry have access to information and tools to help achieve environmental compliance and beyond.


The Program assists small to medium business in the automotive trades to incorporate processes and practices that avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of waste in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Green Stamp can provide you with information to assist you:


Comply with legislative requirements

>       Correctly store liquid to prevent groundwater or stormwater contamination

>       Operate correct pre-treatment equipment for wastewater management

>       Manage spills to prevent groundwater or stormwater contamination

>       Manage air quality


Go above and beyond to reduce your environmental impact and save money

>       Correctly dispose waste products to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill

>       Conserve energy and water

>       Get in contact with suppliers of environmental products and services

>       Develop and implement Environmental Management Plans.


Communicate your environmental achievements with your customers

>     Apply for Green Stamp Environmental Accreditation

>     Nominate for the Green Stamp Environmental Award each year (MTA Members only

    All aspects of the Green Stamp program (except Accreditation) are a free service of the MTA.